A Joyful Sound of Noise

Every so often you see a movie that you wish desperately to happen in reality. Sound of Noise (2010) is definitely one. At least for us weird artist types. Sound of Noise is basically a film about a group of musical Banksies. The best, concise description of it is a musical, crime caper with a touch of magical realism thrown in.  It follows six drummers around an anonymous European city as they (very disruptively) perform four movements of their avant-garde symphony on . . . uh, meticulously improvised . . . instruments. True to life, their acts are noticed by the police, who are desperately trying to track them down led by a tone-deaf, music-hating detective. 


There are as many things to love about Sound of Noise as there are beats per minute in an acid-jazz drum solo. While there isn’t much time devoted to developing more than the two main characters, there are plenty of details thrown in to give us a unique and quirky gang of guerrilla artists to cheer for. Aside from the novel and comedic premise, the outlandish scenarios, Guy Ritchie-paced action and an abundance of hijinks make this movie one to re-watch.


Add to all of that that the drummers are played by actual and very talented drummers, and it gets even more fun. Perhaps that’s how the film so accurately captures the rebel spirit of truly innovative artists. Sound of Noise also serves as a great reminder for us creators as to why we create: providing joy to those who experience our art—even if we have to force it on them.


If you happen to watch this on DVD, the special features are pretty darn fun, too. If you’re at all like me, you’ll be hoping this will actually happen in your city.


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